Dark Chocolate Chip Oat Barschevron_right
You don't have to tell anyone these are homemade, healthy granola bars. Just let your guests enjoy the chewiness of the oats and dense chocolate flavor from the highest-quality dark chocolate you can find.

Fiesta Shrimpchevron_right
A simple meal for one, quickly prepared in a microwave oven.

French Toast Sandwicheschevron_right
Make the sandwiches first, then dip them in the egg-milk mixture and cook on a griddle until golden.

Garlic Walnut Saucechevron_right
This is a great sauce for meat, fish, fowl, or pasta. You can also use it as a spread for crackers or bread.

Gingered Rice Puddingchevron_right
Serve this with a bit of gingered whipped cream for a special dessert.

Grilled Salmon Steakschevron_right
Baste the steaks with dipping sauce, then grill for about 10 minutes.

Lemon Meringue Kisseschevron_right
Here's a sweet treat without the calories from sugar.

New York Strip Steak Saladchevron_right
A 3-ounce serving of the best steak possible is the centerpiece of this large salad. Cook the steak on an indoor, two-sided contact electric grill.

Orange-Walnut Saladchevron_right
Layer the ingredients in a large salad bowl, then add the dressing and cheese just before serving.

Oriental Greenschevron_right
A refreshing blend of chilled green beans, snow peas, and cauliflower florets, seasoned with ginger and rice wine vinegar.